My Furnace Is Running But There Is No Hot Air, What Is The Matter?

A furnace with no hot air is a person's worst dream in the middle of winter. There are things that a homeowner can do to troubleshoot a problem with a furnace.

Make sure that the blower motor is unplugged from the home's current. Simple fixes to the furnace could save you from spending hundreds of dollars,

Furnace Filter

With a dirty filter, there is a possibility of the furnace overheating, shutting the furnace down with the risk of causing a fire. A furnace filter keeps dust and anything that floats in the air of a home out of the blower. A clean filter prevents the circulation of dirt, allergens, or dust in the home. Before changing the air filter turn off your furnace’s shut off switch and set the thermostat to "off".

The filter: 

1. Extends the life of your furnace
2. Keeps energy costs down
3. Maintains healthy air quality.  
4. Keeps your HVAC system clean. 
5. Must be changed regularly

The Thermostat

The thermostat turns on and off the furnace as it adjusts the level of heat output. 

If the furnace is not blowing hot air:

  • The thermostat should be set to “heat.” 
  • Set the thermostat to be 5 degrees above room temperature and check if the furnace comes "on." 
  • A thermostat controlled by batteries, the batteries should be replaced.  
  • The thermostat’s panel should be opened and remove any dust or debris.
  • The blower motor panel should be shut, if not closed properly the furnace will not turn on
  • Inspect the furnaces' air ducts in all the rooms. A leak in a duck will cause a loss of heat.
  • Repair any leaks by sealing them with a mastic sealant.

Check the Gas Valve 

If the valve is "off" no gas will go to the furnace to light the pilot light. I valve is in off position turn the valve to "on." If you need furnace maintenance, contact the team at AJR Baltimore today.