No Cold Air Is Coming Out Of My Vents

In the summer heat, a cold breeze from the air conditioning can be quite relaxing. If your AC unit is turned on and there is still no cold air blowing through the vents, this could mean a number of things. This article explores some easy troubleshooting tips you should try.

Check the air filter
A blocked air filter could be the reason why you are having cool air rather than cold air blow through the vents. If you have not changed them in a while dirt, debris and filth can build up and block the vents. This prevents proper circulation of air in the house. It is advisable to check the air filter on a monthly basis and change it if it is filthy.

Unblock supply and return registers
If you have checked the air filter and it is not the problem, you should inspect the supply and return air registers within the entire house. It is possible that some of them are closed, blocked by furniture or are dirty. If there is anything blocking the register move it. If they are dirty, spare some time and have them cleaned. This will get air flowing through the vents normally.

Ensure that all air duct vent in the house are open
Having one hot room is very common. It could be someone accidentally shut the air flow through the vent into the room. You can unblock the obstacle blocking the vent. If that does not work it could mean that the room is the furthest from the AC unit. This could mean that you are using an underpowered AC. To remedy this, close some air vents such as those in the hallway or the closets to allow more air to flow into the hot room.

If none of the above helped, you might need the services of a professional. It is the only sure way to know that the vets are serviced correctly and they are performing at their best.

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